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Satisfaction of cultivating life: Watching the seeds you've planted grow into healthy, productive plants can be incredibly satisfying. Passion for crops can come from the feeling of growing life and witnessing your hard work translate into food that will feed people.

Connection with nature: As a farmer, you have the unique opportunity to be in direct contact with the earth, the plants and the natural cycles. The passion for harvests can arise from a deep connection with nature and the desire to work in harmony with it.

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We are a strawberry harvesting company, and our passion is to bring you the best strawberries nature has to offer. From the moment we plant the seeds to the final plump and juicy fruit, our dedication and love for what we do is evident in every step of the process. We strive to provide you with the freshest and most flavorful strawberries, hand-picked with care and delivered straight to your table. Our commitment to excellence and our unwavering enthusiasm for strawberry cultivation drive us to deliver a truly exceptional product. Discover the taste of our passion in every bite, and let our strawberries bring joy to your palate.


We are a strawberry harvesting company fueled by a deep passion for what we do. From the moment those vibrant red berries begin to bloom until the day they are plucked from the vine, our hearts are filled with joy. Our dedication to cultivating the juiciest, most flavorful strawberries is unwavering. We believe in the power of nature's bounty and take pride in bringing it to your table. Every day, we embrace the challenge of providing you with the freshest strawberries, grown with love and care. Our commitment to excellence drives us to constantly innovate and improve, ensuring that you experience the true taste of our passion in every bite.


We are a strawberry harvesting company, and our passion for what we do is truly remarkable. Every day, we wake up excited to nurture and cultivate the most succulent strawberries in the world. From carefully tending to the plants to handpicking each ripe berry, our dedication shines through in every aspect of our work. The love we have for strawberries is what drives us to deliver the highest quality produce to our customers. Join us on this sweet journey and experience the taste of our passion for yourself.

Job Opportunity in Dakota, United States


Attention, Mexican workers! We are excited to announce that we have several vacancies available with H2A visas for strawberry harvesting in Dakota, United States. 


If you are a hardworking individual with experience in agricultural work and are looking for an opportunity to work abroad, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. The H2A visa program offers a legal pathway for Mexicans to work in the United States temporarily.


Join our team and be part of the strawberry harvest in beautiful Dakota. You will have the chance to gain valuable experience, earn a competitive salary, and work in a supportive environment.



✅ Mexican citizenship

✅ Experience in agricultural work (preferably in fruit harvesting)

✅ Willingness to relocate to Dakota, United States

✅ Valid H2A visa or willingness to apply for one


If you are interested or know someone who might be, please reach out to us at email Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to work and explore the United States!


Note: Due to the high volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.

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